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About John T Barton

Who are we and what do we do?

We develop web sites for the mass market using simple interactive design technology, combining your stills in your industry along with our web site design stills.

How do we achieve this goal?

  • First, we don't over complicate the design of your internet presence.
  • Second, we work with you, our customer(s), listening to your feedback and sometimes when appropriate, pushing you to keep moving forward.
  • Finally, we keep the costs as low as possible thereby allowing you to prove the marketing potential of the internet for yourselves.

We know the internet and technology is not and will never be your key area, but like you we know that it can and will have a dramatic effect on your business.

What do we offer?

Simply, too much for too little (according to our MD) and just about all of our clients who are all very pleased by this.

So what is it we are providing?

An internet website that you can design and update yourself with an unlimited number of pages @ £395 (with only £80 per year running costs)
This includes:-
  • 20 email accounts ( you realistically only need 1 or 2, plus a catch all which comes as standard )
  • 30GB a month of viewing downloads ( if you get this much internet traffic, we will start paying you, subject to advertising ).  By the way, we can handle more than 10 times this and if necessary can switch in more resources as required.
  • A considerable amount of help and support regarding your web site.
  • Very reasonable rates on additional web site development such as moving text and images (Flash).

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